Education in 2015

The festival is committed to nurturing young talent (both future performers and composers) and with a strong list of pedagogical events a broad range of pupils, students and the community will be able to explore new music, not only contemporary classical genres, but also multimedia, acousmatic and the experimental.

Each concert is linked with an educational element, be it a composition project, instrumental master classes or community event, all designed to inspire our audience.


Theme: Environment and sustainability.
Composition Leader: Ed Wright
Performance Leader: Heather Roche (Clarinets)
Students: Year 6 from Ysgol y Graig & year 7 from Ysgol Llangefni: 9-11 years old
No. of Sessions: 4
Brief: Ed Wright and Heather Roche to visit both schools to facilitate a composition project that is an extension of the project held in 2014. The activities will involve Year 6 pupils from Ysgol y Graig and also the same pupils that took part in the 2014 project that are now in Year 7 at Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni, with its key aim being bridging the gap between musical development from key stage 2 to 3. The activities will include the recording of recyclable objects (e.g. tins, glass bottles) and electronically manipulating the sounds to create a piece of acousmatic music. The pupils will be further develop their experiences from 2014 by combining acousmatic music with a live performer.

‘Fragile Earth’ Educational Project

Theme: Sustainability
Composition Leader: Katherine Betteridge
Performance Leader: Eleanor Lighton
Students: Year 6 from Ysgol Talysarn, Dyffryn Nantlle: 9-10 years old
No. of Sessions: 4
Brief: Both Composition and Performance Leaders will visit the local primary school in a series of composition and performing workshops with the aim of creating a piece of music that is inspired by the earth’s fragile environment (i.e. melting icecaps, unpredictable storms, deforestation etc.) and its resulting effects. Further collaboration will be made with Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth.
The piece will be featured during the ‘Receive and Return’ installation during the Festival and performed by the Bangor New Music Ensemble.2015

Spring Gig Educational Project

in collaboration with Sbarc, Caernarfon

Theme: Progressive rock composition
Workshop Leader: Osian Williams (Candelas)
Students: 3 local young bands from Gwynedd and Anglesey: 12-18 years old
No. of Sessions: 4
Brief: A series of workshops in schools with the aim of promoting the creation of rock/popular instrumental tracks, especially exploring elements used within progressive rock styles. Each band to compose at least two new ‘songs’ (with or without voice) to be performed during the workshop at the Festival, with a further performance during the following week in Galeri, Caernarfon.

William Mathias Composition Prize

Co-ordinators: BMF
Judging Panel: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Heather Roche, Carla Rees, Xenia Pestova and Guto Pryderi Puw
Workshop Leader: Pierre Alexandre Tremblay
No. of Sessions: 1
Brief: A call for scores aimed at UK composers in their early careers to compose a piece for flute, clarinet, piano, with or without electronics (live or fixed medium). Four selected compositions will be performed and discussed in a workshop during the festival, led by internationally recognised composer, P A Tremblay. The winning work will be performed during the evening concert. The winning composers will be further developed by a) receiving a major commission for the 2016 festival, b) being able to work closely with the performing artist (Elin Manahan Thomas), and c) being mentored by the festival Artistic Director during the creating process.img_4625

BMF Apollo Saxophone Quartet Saxophone Masterclass

Theme: Saxophone Performance
Workshop Leaders: Rob Buckland
No. of Sessions: 1
Brief: A performance masterclass with Rob Buckland of the Apollo Saxophone Quartet and students from the University’s School of Music and pupils from local secondary schools. There will be an opportunity for performers to showcase their talents individually and in an ensemble setting. It promises to be a special and informative masterclass with one of the UK’s greatest saxophonists.

BMF Jazz Project 2015

Theme: Improvisation
Workshop Leaders: BD Duo
No. of Sessions: 1
Brief: A composition and performance workshop with members of the Bourne Davis Duo and students of the School of Music, Bangor University. BD Duo will lead the creative project and work wth the students on a number of projects, all to be performed and recorded in the workshop during the Festival.

Composition Lab

Composition Leader: Fraser Trainer
Performance Leaders: Members of BBC NOW
Students: GCSE and A Level students from Gwynedd and Anglesey: 14-18 years old
No. of Sessions: 1
Brief: This workshop is part of the Proms’ development strategy to inspire the young to compose. The established pedagogical composer Fraser Trainer will introduce the fundamentals of composition with the aim of stimulating the pupils to write a short piece that could be the basis of a larger composition to be submitted to the Proms’ call for scores. Each composition will be performed and recorded during the day by members of the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.